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A lifelong resident of the Oklahoma City area, Steve Bennett, Owner and home inspector with Redbud Property Inspections, currently resides in NW Oklahoma City with his wife Myra and two children.

His family attends Crossings Community Church, where his children also attend school, and they enjoy the occasional road trip when life allows.

When he’s not busy as a professional home inspector in Oklahoma City, he shares his passion for cooking, especially barbecue, and will rarely let anyone leave the house without a sample!

Steve became interested in the career well-over a decade ago after a mixed experience with the chosen OKC home inspectors on an inspection for a home he was purchasing.

He realized that while the Oklahoma home inspection itself is quite important, the way this information is presented and explained to the client is every bit as important.

One must walk the fine line of properly presenting essential information while at the same time not being an alarmist.

The key component here is good communication and Steve strives to make that the strongest quality of his home inspector team.

The Oklahoma City home inspections process is somewhat unique in that while it focuses on construction techniques, there is no actual construction done.

Instead, home inspectors in Oklahoma City use a mix of chemistry, physics, and mathematics knowledge to understand the “how” and “why” and ramifications of things done or gone wrong.

“As the owner of Redbud Property Inspections, I assure you that you will get highly-detailed reports from your home inspectors in Oklahoma City and throughout our coverage area and have them communicated to you in a way that’s helpful and helps you make your next best decision regarding your most valuable asset.”

               -Steve Bennett, Owner/Certified Master Inspector©

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