Why You Should Have Your Pool/Spa Inspected

Pools and spas require maintenance year-round, whether you use it all the time or not, it is a good idea to have it inspected every now and then. 

Making sure that your pool or spa is inspected will give you peace of mind that it is safe and working properly, because major repairs can be costly. 

If you’re still not convinced, here are 3 benefits of getting a pool/spa inspection. 

1. Safety Equipment 

When you have a pool or spa on your property, you are required to have safety equipment on hand and within close proximity to the pool. The inspector will check to make sure that you have everything that is required, and that it is up to date with the newest requirements. 

Life-saving devices are the biggest aspect of this equipment, because while the hope is that you will not need them, in the event that there is an emergency it is vital that you have them. 

The inspector will also look at a more technical part of safety equipment, which is the electrical equipment surrounding & used for the pool/spa. 

This includes pool lights, wiring for filter power, etc. The inspector will make sure that there aren’t cracks or places around wiring and electrical areas where water could get in. 

2. The Exterior & Surrounding Area 

Inspectors will check the area around the pool or spa to make sure that it is safe and up to code as well. Missing tiles, broken walkways and cracking cement can all be hazards, especially since swimming means that you will likely be barefoot. 

Cracking can also mean shifting of the foundation that the pool or spa is laid into, which can cause leaking and other problems in the future. 

There also cannot be structures or shrubbery/trees within a certain distance of the area, because this can be a safety hazard as well. 

3. General Equipment Functionality 

The most important part of a pool or spa inspection is looking at and testing the functionality of the system and equipment that runs the pool/spa. 

The inspector will look at the filters, pumps, heating and cooling equipment, motors, and general connectivity and functionality of the system as a whole. 

They will also test and look for leaks, whether there is proper filter pressure, and safety of the water heaters. 

Getting a pool/spa inspection will ensure that you are safe to use and be around your pool or spa, and that it will be in working order whenever you want to relax and enjoy yourself!